The Marauders of Moglark

The Mauraders of Moglark are the clan of AQW members not afraid to lay waste to hordes of enemies some days, and protect others the next.
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 Hello im New

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PostSubject: Hello im New   Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:45 am

Hi im new and my user is spar22 and i always go on r my items armors and my lvl
Level: 23
Mage Class (Rank 10)
Warrior Class (Rank 10)
Paladin Class (Rank 10)
DoomKnight (Rank 10)
Pumpkin Lord (Rank 9)
Shadow Ghoul
Glacier Garment
Arachnomancer Armor
Colorful Claws Suit
Hollowsoul Knight
Dark Ninja Garb
White Samurai Robe
Thrilling Outfit 09
Red Moglinster 09
Great Pumpkin King's Great Vines 08
Santa's Colorful Backblades
Guardian Shadow
Red Moglinster Morph 09
Great Pumpkin King's Head 08
Hollowsoul Helm
Colorful Claws' Battle Helm
High Templar's Hood
Hollowsoul Key
Unidentified 10
Escherion's Chain
Bone Dust
Aracara's Fang
EXP BOOST! (1 hour)
Armored Platinum Dragon
Chatter Teeth 09
Party Crasher Zorbak
Glacial Moglin
CoalZard 09
Lava Snake
Onyx Platinum Dragon
Mana Golem
Pumpkin Axe of Slaying 09
Unidentified 30
RazzleDazzle Daggers
Unidentified 32
Great Ornate Warhammer
One Eyed DoomLance
Scythe of Liberty
Pumpkin Lance of Piercing 09
Phoenix Blade
Pumpkin Sword 09
1st Birthday Sword
Wrapping Paper Sword
Great Pumpkin King Sword 08
Party Slasher Birthday Sword
Default Sword
Glacial Knuckle Sword
Peace Bringer Sword 10
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Hello im New
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