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The Mauraders of Moglark are the clan of AQW members not afraid to lay waste to hordes of enemies some days, and protect others the next.
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 The Time has come!

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PostSubject: The Time has come!   Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:39 pm

Now that we have reached the amount that me and Lark were waiting for I would like to announce the SIR PRIZE!!!

We are adding classes to this clan!! You will get it more when Lark explains!!

Take it away lark!!


We are all dark inside but some of us let it control us..will you let it control you or will you master it?
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PostSubject: Re: The Time has come!   Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:40 pm

Okay guys, sorry if I didn't post this as fast as you hoped. But i've been busy near the end of the 1st quarter o' school. I'm back now, and shouldn't be as busy. Razz
Okay, here's the system.

Here is the ranking for a single class, not clan wide.

1. Master
2. R & L (right and left handed men)
3. Blood
4. Death
5. Chaos
6. Class name meaning if you are an assassin, this says assassin
7. Apprentice

But completely together the scoring will follow suit as clan wide:
1. General (is a master voted in by the rest of the clan)
2. Assorted masters, one for each class. (Note that masters are voted in by total blood, death, and chaos votes. They can only be selected from the R & L group as well as the current Master. Blood = 3 points, Death = 2, and chaos = 1)
3. Assorted R & L's (These are individually selected by masters. The masters may only choose from blood ranked members of their tier.)
4. Assorted Blood members (Note that bloods are voted in by total deaths, chaos, and normal members. Death = 3 points, Chaos = 2, Norm. = 1)
5. Assorted Chaos members (Note that chaos are voted in by votes from Chaos, and normal members. Chaos = 2 points, Norm. = 1)
6. Assorted Members (3 apprentices are voted into this class by either the general, masters, bloods, chaos's, or members. Each vote of the voting class = 1. The voting group starts out as general and works its way down.)
7. Assorted Apprentices

Note that elections will happen every month. But when this first starts (hopefully TODAY!), the following will be first elected in.

General will first be elected by everyone in the clan.
Masters will be those who have the highest rank and exp in their class. One person can only be the master of one class.
R & L's will be chosen by the Master.
Bloods will be selected by General, master, and R & L's. Only one blood is chosen by each person.
Deaths are likewise.
Chaos are likewise.
Members are the remaining.
Apprentices will begin once the clan has full of everything else.

The following positions are full when...

General = 1
Master = 1 (Note that there are several masters, but in a single class it's full with 1)
R & Ls = 2 (same as masters)
Bloods = 3 (same)
Deaths = 4 (same)
Chaos = 5 (same)
Members = 10 (same)
Apprentice = As many as possible

When all of the positions are full, (meaning like 10 or so apprentices) I will raise the cap for each rank bloods and down. Note that there will ALWAYS be one master for a class, and 2 R & L's.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The general is NOT the leader of the clan. He is the leader when any topic consisting of the word "fighting" comes into play. Admins control almost everything else, until we hit a higher number of people.

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PostSubject: Re: The Time has come!   Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:42 pm

Ambassador-A person who handles the Alliances and war affairs after he talks to someone about an alliance he comes to the Leader with the name, leader, and number of members and the leader will then make the final decision. This person will be chosen by one of the leaders. There will be one ambassador for every 20 members.


We are all dark inside but some of us let it control us..will you let it control you or will you master it?
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PostSubject: Re: The Time has come!   

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The Time has come!
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